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Max Guadagnoli

Freelance at work! Many thanks to spend here your precious time - Max Guadagnoli

The first step to writing a great summary and feeling good about ,it is to take an honest look at where you have been and why that matters... but today Max doesn't ;-) Max is always more than happy to share almost 20 years of entrepreneurship, management and consultancy and he'll be considered a Marketing Manager or a Product Manager or a Business Consultant, who knows? Anyway, please drop him an email and ask for solutions!

That's what Max loves:
►Builds fun and effective customer cultures
►Solves problems with creative solutions and improvisation
►Converts customer satisfaction into new sales
►Creates unique, original content that attracts customer attention
►Helps organisations take innovative steps forward

#Produzione #Eventi, #Marketing 3.0, #Web 3.0
the "Art of Consultancy" and a very strong "proactivity" are the Kick Agency (aka Kick srl) most relevant power points. "We stay closer our clients and consumers till the final goal, step by step during the entire business trial". KICK is a totally "customer centric" firm, acting in one of the weird marketplace in Europe: Italy
Panoramica società 

KICK è esperienza fatta sul campo in quasi 15 anni di attività.

Dal design alla produzione audiovisiva e di contenuti, gestione del budget, negoziazione e servizio ai clienti. Una professione multidimensionale e un’attività intensa, che ci permette di affrontare qualsiasi problematica e relative difficoltà, dalla piccola alla grande location, dalla pianificazione iniziale al “count down” finale. La capacità ormai acquisita di coordinare tutte le figure professionali ci permette versatilità ed efficienza, il pubblico farà il resto!
Le nostre competenze riguardano il management dell'evento, la strategia
di marca, il marketing e la comunicazione. L'esperienza si manifesta nel coordinare il mix di aspetti creativi, tecnici e logistici che portano al successo della campagna o dell'evento.


Administrator at:

Kick Agency 

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Your Travel Assistants in Italy

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Honors and Awards:
  • 2010 - Winner of the National Professional Qualification: Technical Director of Travel Agency, competition organized by the region of Campania - Italy
  • 2009 - Holiday Top Performer: Managed Properties in the England Region: Quarter: 9 December, 2009 to 9 March, 2009
  • 2008 - Holiday Top Performer: Managed Properties in the England Region: Quarter: 10 September, 2008 to 9 December, 2008

Thanks for checking out my profile. - Max Guadagnoli

Max Guadagnoli's Background

Max Guadagnoli's Experience

Founder/CEO at Cryptic Noize Network (Cnoize)

April 1994 - August 2012 | Rome, Italy

★ Cryptic Noize Network (Cnoize) Entertainment industry Over 700 live music, performances sold or self-produced - 55 Theatrical performances as Music and Audio consultant - 20.000 self produced record copies distribuited worldwide - 25.000 imported record copies sold worldwide - 2 Rock Venues managed - over 60 national/international tournee managed - 1 magazine edited and pubblished - 5 CD's self produced - 5 7" vinyls self produced - Consulting agreement with University of Rome "La Sapienza" - Art & Performance Science Department.

Founder/CEO/ Marketing Manager at

November 2005 - July 2012 | London, UK


President at Cultural Association BOTTEGA DEI RUMORI

August 2000 - April 2003

NO PROFIT organization involved in cultural events, social support, entertainment, educational.

Freelance CMO/Senior Accounting Manager at Kick Agency

March 2003 - Present | Rome, Italy

KICK AGENCY #event #web #marketing the the "Art of Consultancy" and a very strong "proactivity" are Kick Agency (aka Kick srl) most relevant power points. "We stay closer our clients and consumers till the final goal, step by step during the entire business trial". #kickagency is a totally "customer centric" firm, acting in the weirdest marketplace in Europe: Italy

Max Guadagnoli's Education

1984 – 1992

Economics and Science of Agricultural Production

Concentration: Economia e produzione vegetale

IPSA Rieti

1979 – 1984

Professional Agro Technical High School

Max Guadagnoli's Interests & Activities

Cultural Events, Arts, Performing Art, Social Comunication, Music (Musician Since 1979), Psychology, Film, Theater and Science of human behaviors, Literature, Modern Art, Sculpture, Scenic Installation, Ecology, Biology, Visual Communication, Nature, Ecology, Environment, Human Rights, Politics, Culture, Tourism, Entertainment, International Travel, Gourmet Cooking, Architectural History,

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